BBC TV’s the ‘Big Challenge’

In 2004 the practicThe Big Challenge 2004 062e applied to be involved in BBC TV’s the ‘Big Challenge’. The South Today programme required teams of up to 10 people to enter their 10,000 steps a day challenge. How exciting when the BBC phoned to say we had been chosen from 2000 applicants! One camera man and one reporter, Stuart Norval, arrived at the practice, some of us were quite nervous as we really didn’t know what was in store for us. We had to make a short film clip, which briefly told why we wanted to take up the challenge, showing us being weighed and handing us our pedometers so we could keep a check of how many steps we did each day. Stuart wanted the clip to be fun and so decided that the film would show him taking away all our sweets and cakes that the patients and drug reps had kindly bought for us. His two hour visit will be something we will always remember and the experience of being involved in TV work was great fun.