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Covid Vaccine Q&A

On the 28th April, we are offering an open access zoom meeting to answer your questions about the covid vaccination programme.  The session will be open to all patients in Shoreham, Southwick and Fishergate and their relatives. Dr Halloran, who has led the local vaccination programme, will be able to answer any questions including any concerns that may be making you worry or feel hesitant about the vaccines.


Covid Vaccine Q&A Session 


Wed 28 Apr 2021 3pm – 5pm

Joining info

Join Zoom Meeting (ID: 91710613150, passcode: 507928)


Join by phone


(GB) +44 20 8080 6592 (passcode: 507928)


Joining instructions 

Are you waiting for an appointment at the hospital?

We appreciate that many patients have been waiting for a longer time than usual for outpatient appointments and investigations. We are unable to chase your appointment so please do not contact the surgery unless your condition has become significantly worse or new symptoms have developed. If you do need to contact the appointment team, please use the appropriate telephone number below: 

Referral Support Team : 01903 708052 (to chase any referral if you are unsure regarding which hospital you have been referred to) 

Worthing Hospital outpatient booking centre: 01273 446067 

RSCH outpatient booking centre: 0300 3038360 

MSK Team: 01243 623846 

Covid vaccination update 01/04/2021

Latest figures for Shoreham and Southwick

Well over 90% of patients over 65 have now been vaccinated and we are getting close to this figure for the 50+ age group too.

Are you over 50 years old?

If you are aged 50 and over and have not yet booked in for your appointment please do so asap.   We still have a lot of appointments to offer for Saturday 10th April for first vaccination at Northbourne Medical Centre.

Second vaccination update

We are now in the process of carrying out second vaccinations.  This week several teams have been out to our Care Homes and have started the second vaccinations for the residents. 

Housebound patients will follow shortly.

Next clinics

We have lots of clinics coming up over the next few weeks:

Friday 2nd April – Fully booked

Saturday 10th April – Appointment available for first and second Astra Zeneca vaccination. 

The next clinics following those dates will be: Friday 16th April, Sat 16th April and Sunday 17th April for second dose Pfizer vaccinations.


Will you have difficulty getting to your vaccination?

Sussex residents who have no means to get to their COVID-19 vaccination appointment are now able to book a free return journey to help them attend. 
To book free travel please book your vaccination appointment first and then call:

  • 01444 275 008 for West Sussex residents

to speak to a travel coordinator. The booking service is available between 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00 Monday to Friday
Once you are through to a travel coordinator you will be asked the following questions:

  • Do you have access to transport to attend your vaccine appointment?
  • Do you have a family member, friend or carer who can help with transport? They do not have to be in your bubble as per government guidelines.

If both of these options are not available the travel coordinator will arrange transport for you, including any additional needs such as wheelchair-friendly vehicles.
All transport providers have signed up to a COVID-19 safety policy to ensure that all precautions are in place for a safe journey.


We want to be good neighbours!

A gentle reminder to all patients attending a covid vaccination appointment - please do not park in residential bays in neighbouring car parking spaces - these are strictly for residents and not for patients or visitors to Northbourne.  There is ample FREE parking at Southlands Hospital which is only a two minute walk from Northbourne.


Reassurance about the use of Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine

We are aware that there are concerns being raised by members of the public following reports of blood clots in relation to the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and, most recently, the Irish authorities’ action to temporarily suspend this vaccine.

This briefing helps to provide key messages to be able to respond to any concerns and to encourage uptake of the vaccination.

Key messages:

  • We are aware that there have been reports about the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, however the UK regulators are clear that the vaccine should continue to be used and people should attend their appointments.
  • The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulates medicines and is responsible for the regulation of the vaccines being offered as part of this programme and they have reviewed all of the evidence.
  • Their statement says that the available evidence does not suggest that blood clots in veins (venous thromboembolism) are caused by COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca and people should go to their appointments as this is vital protection from COVID-19.
  • This follows a detailed review of reported cases as well as data from hospital admissions and GP records.
  • There is no evidence that blood clots in the veins are occurring more often in people who have received the vaccine than in people who have not, for either vaccine.
  • The MHRA’s advice remains that the benefits of the vaccine against COVID-19, with its associated risk of hospitalisation and death, continue to outweigh the risks of potential side effects.
  • People should go and get their COVID-19 vaccine when asked to do so.
  • Please continue to attend your appointment – this is really important protection for you – or –
  • Please work with us to book your appointment - this is really important protection for you.

Covid vaccination update 26/03/2021

A quick update from our Covid Vaccine Programme Clinical Director

16,436 patients from Shoreham and Southwick have now had their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. We are in the middle of 4 four day run of clinics where we are delivering a further 2,400 first and second doses.

We've had fantastic uptake with over 93% of 70+ year olds having the vaccine and 90% of over 65s. Thank you to everyone who has had the vaccine for helping to protect yourself and those around you.

Please could any patients above the age of 50 contact their surgery if they would like to have their first dose but haven't booked in yet.

Dr Halloran

Covid vaccination update 15/03/2021

There was much excitement at Saturday’s clinic when we vaccinated our 10,000th patient (see photo below - patient consent given).

This is an amazing achievement in the 2 months we have been giving the vaccination.

Figures for Shoreham and Southwick to date:

How many in Group 5 not yet invited 15

How many in Group 5 vaccinated 1595

How many in Group 6 not yet invited 47

How many in Group 6 vaccinated 2587


Current cohort to be invited

We have been asked by the NHS to vaccinate cohort 9, which are the 50-54 year olds.  Whilst we are starting to contact this group, we will also send text message invites to those aged 55-69 who have not been to the Brighton Centre for their vaccine yet.


Next clinics

Saturday 20th March and Saturday 27th March.  Invitations for these clinics would have gone out via text, please do try to book via the link.  We will contact you by phone if you haven’t booked an appointment. 


The much awaited 2nd vaccinations

We are starting to get information come through on the 2nd vaccinations.  Invitations will be going out shortly.  These will be sent by text, but we will always follow up with a phone call for those that do not have mobile phones. 


2nd vaccinations appointments going forward

We have now been advised that we can book your 2nd vaccination appointment at the time that you are having your 1st vaccination.  Our admin team will give you your appointment during your first vaccination appointment.  Please do not call the surgery to book your 2nd vaccination.  


Patient survey on covid vaccine clinics 

Our GP federation (IPC) has linked up with HealthWatch West Sussex to gather information using a wide-ranging survey regarding patients’ experience of the vaccination programme thus far.  The patient survey is open until 31st March 2021 - click here for responses:

We hope that the feedback will be useful in generating ideas for future alterations to how sites manage bookings or general communication options.


Thank you

We want to thank everyone for their patience, we understand that everyone is anxious to receive the vaccine, but we are making good progress.

Will also want to thank all the staff working at the covid clinics and the staff working in the practices who are fielding phone calls from anxious patients. 

Remember, after your first vaccine you are still at risk or a risk to others.  Please continue to wear your mask and adhere to social distancing rules.  We are still currently in a national lockdown. 

Many thanks,

Adur Health Partnership

10,000 covid vaccine

Covid vaccination update 03/03/2021

We have vaccinated over 9000 patients to date across Shoreham and Southwick.

Current cohort to be invited

Cohort 6 - Any patients aged 16-64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk.  The vast majority of patients have waited for their call in for vaccination which has helped us work speedily through the cohorts.    A few of your queries have arisen that we would like to answer:

  • Carers in the current vaccine group are “those who are eligible for a carer’s allowance, or those who are the sole or primary carer of an elderly or disabled person who is at increased risk of COVID-19 mortality and therefore clinically vulnerable”
  • Teachers, police etc.  The government confirmed last week that the only jobs entitled to priority vaccination are health and social care professions.

We do ask you not to call the Practice with similar queries as this does block our phone lines for sick patients.  If you are in cohort 6 we will be contacting you. Further frequently asked questions can be found here:

Patients aged over 65-69

If you are aged over 65 you should be receiving a letter inviting you to book an appointment at the Brighton Centre however, if you wish to have your vaccination at our clinic rather than going to the Brighton Centre please email and put “Covid vaccine” in the subject line.  Please state the patient’s name, date of birth, and a working mobile number, and we will add you to our text booking facility once we have offered the vaccine to all patients in cohort 6

If patients over 65 do not have access to the internet so will not see these updates, please be assured that we have processes in place to ensure no-one gets missed.

How will you be invited?

If we have your current mobile number on your records you will receive a text message from Adur Health Partnership.  You can click on a link where you will be able to choose a suitable time for your appointment. The text message will look like the photo below.

If you do receive a text message like this we urge you to book and appointment using this link.  This is not a scam.  If you have decided that you do not want the vaccination please click on the link and click the decline option. 

If you don’t have a mobile phone or the current number on our system is incorrect we will be calling you.   

Next clinics

Our next clinics are this Saturday 6th March, at the time of writing there are still 274 appointments available, so if you have received a text please do book in.  Again please do avoid calling the surgery.

Remember after your first vaccine you are still at risk or a risk to others, please continue to wear your mask and adhere to social distancing rules.  We are still currently in a national lockdown.  Many thanks Adur Health Partnership.


Covid vaccination update 22/02/2021

We wanted to provide our local community with another update on how our covid vaccination programme is going across Shoreham and Southwick.

7,438 vaccinations done to date.

We have vaccinated over 94% of all people in the top 4 priority cohorts (everyone over 70 years of age, or clinically extremely vulnerable, plus residents and staff in care homes).

The NHS is now asked to focus on people in cohort 5 (over 65 years) and cohort 6 (16-64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk).  GP surgeries have been asked to actively call in all patients in cohort 6, and patients in cohort 5 are being invited by the National Booking Service to attend one of the mass vaccination clinics, like the Brighton Centre.  This is so we do not invite the same people, as was happening previously, and it means as a system we can vaccinate both cohorts as quickly as possible – by focusing on one group each.  This does not remove patient choice – if patients aged over 65 years would prefer to attend Northbourne for their covid vaccine, please email and put “Covid vaccine” in the subject line.  Please state the patient’s name, date of birth, and a working mobile number, and we will add you to our text booking facility once we have offered the vaccine to all patients in cohort 6.  We have over 3,500 patients in this next cohort so please be patient.

We will be phoning all 16 to 18 year olds to discuss their vaccine appointment, subject to vaccine supply, as this group cannot receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.  All patients over 18 years will receive a text from Adur Health Partnership to invite them to book their covid vaccination appointment at Northbourne Medical Centre by using the link in the text.  For those who we cannot reach by text, we will phone.  If we cannot reach you by text or phone, we will write to you.  No one will be forgotten.

Everyone over the age of 65 is eligible for the vaccine and can book their first appointment online at or by calling 119.

Our next clinics run from 8am to 8pm on Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th February.  Our next vaccine delivery is scheduled for Thursday 4th March, and we are preparing to run a clinic on Saturday 6th March.

We still have no control over the number of vaccines we receive, nor the manufacturer, nor the date for them to be delivered (there is usually only 10 days notice).  What we can promise our community is that as soon as we know when we are going to receive vaccines we will get patients booked in to clinics as soon as we can.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time.  Together, we all play a vital part in helping to beat this virus.  Don’t forget to keep washing your hands, wearing your face covering, and keeping your distance.

Covid vaccination update 09/02/2021

We wanted to provide our local community with another update on how our covid vaccination programme is going across Shoreham and Southwick.

6,622 vaccinations done to date.

By the 15th of February we are expected to have offered the vaccine to all over 70s and clinically extremely vulnerable patients.  We have several hundred patients to book in for appointments this week and now we have our next vaccine delivery date confirmed as this Friday we are putting on our next clinic this coming Saturday, 13th February.

We have vaccinated the following in the top 4 cohorts, which the government has asked us to focus on at this time:

94.7% of the over 80s

93.9% of the over 75s

82.3% of the over 70s

91.5% of the clinically extremely vulnerable group

We are still focusing on all groups listed above, and in particular the one hundred 70 to 74 year old patients next on the list.  If you are or you know someone who is over 70 and who has not yet been vaccinated and would like to be please email and put “Covid vaccine” in the subject line.  Please state the patient’s name, date of birth, and the best number to reach you/the patient on and we will make sure you are booked in to Saturday’s clinic.  We will call you with a time to come in to the vaccination clinic – please do not turn up without an appointment time.

The email is provided in case you are worried you have been missed, and we want to try to give patients registered with Adur Health Partnership as many access channels as we can at the moment.  If possible, please try not to phone to ask when you will receive your covid vaccine (contrary to the news) as we are trying to keep our phone lines clear for patients needing other medical attention.

Our in-house booking team will continue to work their way through all patients in the top 4 cohorts this week, whether you email or not.  We will also revisit the 'hard to reach' patients who we have been unsuccessful in contacting up until this point.

Please do share this message with others who may not have access to practice websites or social media channels.  We really do want to get these patients booked in and vaccinated this Saturday. 

Please be assured, we are working as hard as we can to vaccinate as many patients as quickly as our vaccine deliveries allow.  No one will be forgotten.  After this week, we will turn our efforts to all patients aged 65-69, and some of these patients may be invited in to Saturday's clinic via our new text booking system.  If you receive a text from "Adur Health Partnership" which displays as per the photo below, please be assured this text has been sent from the practice and is NOT a scam.  As per previous advice, please continue to be vigilant, and look after friends and family who may be worried.

Finally, you may receive an invitation to attend the mass vaccination clinic at the Brighton Centre – this option is there to provide additional choice to patients.  You are still welcome to attend Northbourne Medical Centre for your vaccine if you prefer.  Parking is free at Southlands Hospital.


Covid vaccination update 29/01/2021

We wanted to provide our local community with another update on how our covid vaccination programme is going.

Clinics are going ahead as planned this weekend, with a further clinic planned for next Tuesday, 2 February 2021.  By the end of Tuesday, we will have vaccinated 4,800 of the most vulnerable people across Shoreham and Southwick (we cover an area of 36,000 patients), and we are on track to vaccinate everyone in the top four priority groups by the middle of next month, in line with the national target.  A reminder of these groups:

  • Priority 1 - Residents and staff in a care home for older adults
  • Priority 2 - Frontline Health and social care workers and aged 80+
  • Priority 3 - Aged 75-79
  • Priority 4 - Aged 70-74 and Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals

We have this week started vaccinating our housebound patients, in collaboration with our local community trust.  All patients who are on our housebound register have been contacted directly within the past week to see if, with additional support, they could attend a community clinic.  Some have been able to do this, and all other patients within this group are now going to be vaccinated at home.  Our clinical leads are coordinating the visiting teams and booking teams on a daily basis.  We have 240 housebound patients to get to, and we have a plan to vaccinate all by 15 February 2021.

Our progress to date:

Over 80’s (housebound numbers excluded) – we started with 2,335, and we are now down to 36 patients.  These 36 people have all been checked and double checked, and are a mixture of people who have left the practice, currently away abroad, and include 26 patients who have been written to and who we will follow up with again over next few weeks.

Over 75’s (housebound numbers excluded) – we started with 1,549, and we are now down to 39 patients.  Some of these people are either currently in hospital, or they have had a covid positive test result in the previous 4 weeks, so we will need to rebook them.  We have also sent 26 letters to patients which have not yet been responded to, and we will follow up with these patients again over the next few weeks.

High risk vulnerable patients – we started with 1,215, and are now down to 335 patients left to book.  Our in-house booking teams are working hard to reach this group as quickly as possible.

Over 70’s – we have 2,171 in this cohort, and have just starting booking these patients, with 2,103 left to go.  Our in-house booking teams are working hard to reach this group as quickly as possible.

We have said it before, and it’s worth saying it again – as a newly merged practice made up of Harbourview Healthcare, Manor Practice and Northbourne Medical Centre, we are so fortunate to have such extraordinary people in our team.  Everyone has pulled together to work extremely hard, efficiently and with good humour, and we would like to thank them all, as well as all our wonderful volunteers, for helping to make this happen.


Other updates and information

We are aware that some of our patients are starting to receive letters from the national vaccination booking system.  The letter invites you to book an appointment at the Brighton Centre or a local pharmacy.  Please don’t worry, our service is not affected.  Patients have a choice where they receive their vaccination – at our service or at a larger vaccination centre like the Brighton Centre.  Our team will contact you directly to arrange an appointment at our vaccination service.

Appointments for the larger vaccination centres and pharmacies are available through the national booking system set out in the letter – either online or by phone.  Patients can either follow the details in the letter to book at one of those services, or wait for our booking team to make contact directly within the next two weeks to arrange an appointment at Northbourne Medical Centre.

Please be on your guard against fraudulent text and email messages as new scams are being sent to patients.  People are receiving a text or email notification of their ‘vaccination appointment’ and are being asked to confirm it by clicking on a link.  Please follow the advice below.

  • The COVID-19 vaccination is ONLY available from the NHS and it is FREE – you will never be asked to pay for it or give your bank details.
  • If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up.
  • If you receive a text or email that you believe to be fraudulent please delete it. Please be assured that if you don’t respond because you are worried and it is a genuine text or email, you will remain on the vaccination list and be contacted again
  • If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft you should report this directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Where the victim is vulnerable, report it to Sussex Police online or by calling 101.

Covid vaccination update 21/01/2021

We wanted to let our local community know how our covid vaccination programme is going.

We are part of the Wave 5 group of GP surgeries who have started offering covid vaccinations.  Since our first delivery at the beginning of January we have vaccinated over 2,500 people across Shoreham and Southwick (we cover an area of 36,000 patients).  We are receiving weekly deliveries, but not on the same day and the number of vaccines (and manufacturer) does vary from week to week.  We have no control over this, and often have only a few days notice to book in hundreds of patients in to our clinics.  We are being careful to ensure social distancing for all our patients and staff, and our clinics often run from 8am until 8pm, and over weekends.

We now have a dedicated in-house bookings team, and we will phone you as soon as we have a delivery of vaccines and can offer you an appointment.

We are vaccinating patients in strict priority order, following advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.  We have vaccinated almost all over 80 year olds who are not housebound (there is a separate service for housebound patients, which is supposed to be delivered by our local community trust – we are following up regularly with them regarding their plans and time scale for vaccination for our housebound patients).  We have also vaccinated 400 care home patients and staff and all of our own staff.  All other local health and social care workers are now invited to book a vaccination at one of the hospital-based vaccination sites across Sussex: (don’t forget your ID!).

The next group of patients who can expect a phone call from us will be aged over 75, and then we will move on to the over 70s and those who are in the clinical extremely vulnerable category.  We are working really hard to get to you as quickly as we can, and we will be sure no one gets forgotten (even if you rarely come in to the practice usually).  We will keep trying any remaining patients who are over 80 who may have missed calls, or if there has been any confusion at the time of call, we will call again.

We are running a clinic on Saturday 23rd January, and more clinics on Friday 29th, Saturday 30th, Sunday 31st January, and Tuesday 2nd February 2021, and by the end of these dates we should have vaccinated another 2,000 patients.

As a newly merged practice made up of Harbourview Healthcare, Manor Practice and Northbourne Medical Centre, we are so proud how our teams have come together quickly to be able to support the vaccination programme.  In fact, we are ahead of the national picture due to the hard work of our staff in settling this up as soon as possible.  And we must offer very big thanks to all our volunteers who have helped.  It really has been a team effort and we have been overwhelmed by the lovely messages of support from our local community.

Together, we all play a vital part in helping to beat this virus.  Don’t forget to keep washing your hands, wearing your face covering, and keeping a safe distance.

Covid vaccination update 05/01/2021

We are delighted to announce we will begin our covid vaccination programme this week, focusing on the most vulnerable patients in our community initially.  We have 1375 vaccines due to arrive on Thursday, with clinics running all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Clinics are strictly by appointment only, and appointments are being offered to patients in strict clinical priority order.


Our central booking team (IPC) will contact patients to book their covid vaccine appointment on behalf of the practice.  There is no need for patients to contact the practice.  We kindly ask that our patients refrain from calling us to request a vaccination, as these additional vaccine enquiries are making our phone lines exceptionally busy and are causing longer wait times for patients wishing to book appointments.  The booking team will contact you as soon as vaccines become available.


Please note, the practice has no control over delivery dates of vaccines, manufacturer of vaccine, nor vaccine numbers.  With that in mind, our covid vaccination clinics may be arranged at short notice, and may run from 8am until 8pm (as we must ensure social distancing for patients and staff and have a very short timescale to use vaccines up by).


We thank you all for your patience and understanding.   We look forward to playing our part in helping to beat this virus.


Statement by Northbourne Medical Centre regarding our phones – December 2020

We are aware of the struggles patients have had in getting through on the phone in the past few weeks, and we wanted to share with you this statement – please click here

Phlebotomy Temporarily Closed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Phlebotomy (Blood Test) service at Southlands Hospital will remain closed until Tuesday 29th December.

An alternative walk-in service is available at Worthing Hospital between 08:30 and 16:45 on the dates below, however due to increased demand, you may have to wait longer than usual.

17th & 18th December
21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th December

Please accept our sincere apologies for the disruption and inconvenience this has caused.

Patient Participation Group

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